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Plant and Equipment

The reason we chose Tornos is that the rigidity and robust build of the machines gives speed, precision, excellent surface finish, adequate swarf clearance and the power to machine difficult materials.


The Tornos TB-Deco software combines simultaneously the movement and multi axis interpolation for machining complex profiles along with the extremely rapid displacement of tooling. The TB-Deco software allows for parallel programming and mask time mode machining. In addition, the TB-Deco software offers gantt chart analysis of cycle time, graphic machining simulation and tool management. This helps us to predict cycle times before any tooling is purchased.

The Fanuc Custom Macro B option on the Sigma 20 allows us to use arithmetic square inverse exponential and trigonometric functions to generate helix, parabolic, hyperbolic and other complex shapes. It also allows us to carry out logic based programming using functions such as IF, THEN, GOTO, AND, OR, XOR, LT, LE, GT, GE, EQ, ROUND, END that can be accessed at machine G code level. We can then call up sub-programmes using different fixed/looped or value dependent cycles and restrict/validate any variable entered. This is especially useful in the manufacture of similar, parameterised components or families of parts and improves production planning. The benefits are reduced setup, cycle, programme transfer times and in general facilitate the use of our equipment. There are many other benefits such as probing for automatic work and tool offset adjustment.

CNC Machines

1 off - Deco Sigma 20s 6 Axis Sliding Head Lathe – December 2006

  • Deco Sigma 20sCapacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 200mm long as standard
  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia x 600mm long available when long part ejector/catcher attachment is fitted. Full length of part machined by re-stroking head stock
  • Full C-Axis on both Main and Counter spindles
  • Fanuc 31i-A numerical controller
    32 tool geometries and associated offsets, 2 channel - 6 numerical axes, 4 spindle
  • 3m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-532 capacity Ř5-25.4mm
  • Part conveyance outside machine for careful handling Integrated Automatic Bin Changer. Doser 600 Basic Unit–10 segment.

1 off - Deco 20a 10 Axis Sliding Head Lathe – November 2007

Deco Sigma 20aWith 26a type sub-spindle for roll form tapping

  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 200mm long as standard
  • Capacity up to 25.4mm dia. x 600mm long available when ejector/catcher attachment is fitted. Full length of part machined by re-stroking head stock
  • Full C-Axis on both Main and Counter spindles
  • 4m Integral Bar Feeder Robobar SBF-532 capacity Ř5-25.4mm
  • Deco 2000 type 20a numerical parallel control PNC-DECO
  • Tornos tool pre-setter complete with setting block.

CNC Tooling

In addition to the above machinery, we have an extensive range of tooling available to make your part as precisely and effectively as possible.

  • Drills, reamers, taps, rollers, dies and insert/tool holders
  • Carbide roller guide bushes
  • Double and triple collet holder stations
  • Collet chuck extension spindles
  • Reamer parallel float holders with through coolant
  • Collet – adaptors/reducer/quick change adaptors
  • Collets- standard/extended nose
  • Reduction sleeves
  • Short and long turning tool holders
  • Cranked turning and centre tool holders
  • Round shank tool holders
  • Milling arbors
  • Button die holders
  • Axial drive units –axial short and long/axial-offset/reducer/speeder/multi sub-spindle
  • Radial drive unit –radial long and short/fixed angle/adjustable angle/multi sub-spindle
  • HF/thread whirling drive units, etc.


ShadowgraphMitutoyo PH 3500 Horizontal Profile Projector with digital read-out and Quadra Check 200.

30x19” Grade AA granite surface plate.

Selection of micrometers, dti and callipers.

We have a comprehensive range of standard measuring equipment including pin, plug, thread and steel gauge block sets.

Supplementary processes undertaken

In-house high power laser systems for part marking

  • 75 watt HT YAG CW lamp laser, complete with scanning head
  • 150 watt spectrum pulse lamp laser complete with scanning head
    • 2D data matrix code
    • Serial/batch/part numbering
    • Logos.

StSt recirculating dunk-type parts washer

Ultrasonic cleaning/polishing

Vibratory de-burring/polishing

Bagging and labelling

Small machine/metalwork shop to produce jigs and fixtures (Click to see listing)